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2 April 2023

Unmasking the Enemy: Guarding Your Soul Against the Devil’s Tactics

When your brain tells you not to, but your heart leads you to evil, who is to blame?

“It’s Shaytan’s work,” one may say. But is it really?

Allah (s.w.t.) warns us about the sworn enemy of humankind—the Shaytan—and their vengeful aim to deceive every single one of us,

“By Your Glory! I will certainly mislead them all, except Your chosen servants among them.” 

(Surah Sad, 38: 82-83)

In a battle, victory is achieved through the right tactics, and the Shaytan has plenty. They will approach us from all sides, whispering to our hearts to sin. So what can you do to protect yourself from becoming a victim of their deceit? 

To preserve your iman against the Shaytan and fail his game plans, you need to first know him and his ways, and prepare your own defence strategies. 

Join Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim in his upcoming seminar, Unmasking the Enemy: Guarding Your Soul Against the Devil’s Tactics, and get to know our ultimate nemesis and their tricks, to win the eternal war against Shaytan



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Seminar Hall, Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar As-Siddiq


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