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25 December 2022

My Unknown Future: Renewing Faith and Reliance in Allah

How do you find yourself feeling when you think about the future?


Do you feel hopeful, or are you in despair thinking about the uncertainties that lie ahead?


However you may be feeling, you cannot stop yourself from worrying. Because let’s face it, you will never know if you’re getting that job, if your childbirth will be smooth sailing or if you will get married to the person you love, and more! It is definitely not easy convincing yourself to constantly be optimistic about the future.


However, Allah (s.w.t.) also mentioned in the Qur’an,


“And put your trust in Allah, for Allah is sufficient as a Trustee of Affairs”

(Surah Al- Ahzab, 33:3)


Isn’t it endearing how Allah is asking us to rely on Him—that He is enough for our affairs? Certainly, Allah is in control of everything, and for every problem we may have, He has the solution to them. So, how do we actually, truly put our dependence on Allah?

Join Shaykh Wael Ibrahim in his upcoming seminar, My Unknown Future: Renewing Faith and Reliance in Allah, as we learn more about restoring our faith in Allah and putting our dependence on Him. Hopefully, our distorted view of the “unknown” will turn into something hopeful.



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Auditorium, IPPP, University of Malaya


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