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13 January 2023

Journey of the Soul: From this World to the Next

We were brought into this world to prepare ourselves for life after death—for indeed, that is everlasting. However, just how often do we think about death and our life then? We might have been so deeply immersed in this world that we could have forgotten our real purpose in life.


Ibn Umar narrated,


“I was with the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.) and a man from among the Ansar came to him and greeted the Prophet (s.a.w.) with salam. Then he said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, which of the believers is best?’ He said, ‘He who has the best manners among them.’ I said, ‘Which of them is wisest?’ He said, ‘The one who remembers death the most and is best in preparing for it. Those are the wisest.”

(Sunan Ibn Majah)


As humans, we need constant reminders about everything in life. Constantly reflecting about death would allow us to better prepare ourselves for the afterlife that awaits.


Also, do we not want to be among the wisest?

Join Dr Yasir Qadhi in his upcoming seminar, Journey of the Soul: From this World to the Next, as we learn more about our life in the next world, and may the reminders we get from this session help us to ready ourselves for it.



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