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2 October 2022

Healing the Emptiness: A Guide to Emotional & Spiritual Well-Being

At some level, so many of us have experienced emptiness. Very few people know why, and even fewer people know how to fill that emptiness. But we spend our lives trying.


We try everything to erase the feeling. We look for any way to hide from our wounds and numb the pain. 


But what if we didn’t have to hide? What if our wound became the door to a deeper understanding of ourselves and God? What if every wound served a purpose, and the process of healing made us stronger?


“O, Believers! Patiently endure, persevere, stand on guard, and be mindful of Allah, so you may be successful.”

(Surah Ali ‘Imran, 3:200)


This life and our entire journey here is not an end in itself. It is a purposeful process, designed by God to shape our hearts—refining and remaking us—to prepare our souls for the final meeting with Him. And our wounds are a part of that process.

Join Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed in her upcoming seminar, Healing the Emptiness: A Guide to Emotional & Spiritual Well-Being, and learn how we can find heal and grow through our pain, finding strength in God and in our capacity to be both human and beautiful—both flawed and inspired.



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