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14 January 2023

Glory be to He: Lessons on the Most Beautiful Names of Allah

ut of the ninety-nine Divine Names of Allah, just how many have you memorised?

If you answered all to that, how many of them have you truly understood and incorporated in your daily lives?

Allah states in the Qur’an,

“Say, [O Prophet,] ‘Call upon Allah or call upon the Most Compassionate—whichever you call, He has the Most Beautiful Names.’”

(Surah Al- Isra’ 17:110)

Asma’ul-husna, the Names of Allah, are more than just names. There are virtues in each name, and they represent the attributes of Allah, which we may use in our lives, including our prayers.

Join Dr Yasir Qadhi in his upcoming seminar, Glory be to He: Lessons on the Most Beautiful Names of Allah, as he explains in depth some of the most divine names of Allah, the purpose of these names, how they can impact our iman, and how we can practise them in our daily life. Hopefully, this will help strengthen our relationship with Allah.



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