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19 March 2023

A Binding Knot: Guidelines for Marriage in Islam

These days, marriage is considered to be a hassle by many.

Although it is a sunnah of the Prophet (s.a.w.), some of us are still scared to pursue marriage due to what we hear every day—heartbreaking stories of infidelity, divorce, and abuse. Some of us worry about having a grand wedding, paying excessive dowries, and living up to all the expectations that others put on us.

But is this how marriage should be?

Allah (s.w.t.) mentions in the Qur’an,

He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them, and He placed between you affection and mercy.

(Surah Ar-Rum, 30:210)

These barriers put up by society could be the result of us not practising true Islamic rulings on love, from understanding the purpose of marriage to the process of choosing our spouse and living as a couple.

Once we have grasped the idea of marriage as determined by Islam and act according to it, it will be easier for us to adhere to the beautiful Sunnah.

So what does Islam really tell us about marriage?



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