Our Story

From 500 participants to 3000 participants in one year. What’s the story behind our growth…?

Our Humble Beginnings

It all started when a college student, Amar Razali attended his first Islamic talk in the United States of America (USA). After developing a better understanding of Islam through such events, he wanted to be a small change in other people’s lives. Fifteen years later, the same man founded Faith Events. What once was a four man group gradually grew into the team we are today.

Our Growth

Fast forward to the present day, Faith Events now has a total of 15 staff members, and has conducted more than 20 events, hosting over 10 international speakers. 

At Faith Events, we aim to provide a platform that organises impactful and high quality Islamic educational events in Malaysia. We hope that our events will leave a lasting impact on the community, benefiting them in this world and the next. Hence, we intend to connect like-minded individuals through the spirit of ukhuwwah from these events.

In the Future…

After all this time, our mission still remains the same—to be the most influential and professional Islamic educational event organiser in Malaysia. We strive to continue our target in promoting authentic Islamic knowledge that is relevant to current times in hopes that it will have a positive effect on the community.

“We want to make sure that we can raise the standard of Islamic education events to the next level.”

Amar Razali

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